Call for Papers

SREE 2021 Conference

Decision Notifications are delayed until July 10. This delay also affects the release of the Preliminary Conference Program.

SREE encourages diversity in its membership and in Society activities. The 2021 Program Committee welcomes submissions across the conference program that include the presence and perspectives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those associated with race, ethnicity, gender, career stage, institutional affiliation and role.

  • Presentation Formats
  • Paper Types and Review Criteria
  • Submission Procedures
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Presentation Formats

Symposia provide the opportunity for investigators whose work has a common theme to present their findings in a single session. Each symposium proposal should include: 1) a justification that describes the contributions of each individual paper and how the studies are related, 2) abstracts for each of the individual papers being proposed, and 3) an independent discussant to provide comments on each paper and on the symposium as a whole. Symposium sessions are 90 minutes long, and the organizer will be responsible for running the session and introducing the speakers. The Program Committee encourages symposium submissions to include the presence and perspectives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, career stage, institutional affiliation, and role. With respect to role, symposium organizers should think about how to incorporate individuals who are in a position to implement research findings (e.g., a representative from a school district involved in an intervention or pilot study developed by a third party research team).

Moderated Discussion Panels
Panel sessions provide an opportunity to explore an issue beyond paper presentations. A panel proposal should be closely aligned with the conference theme and should include: 1) a moderator (who may also be the session organizer), 2) a justification that promotes the session by describing the session (and any individual abstracts if the panel format lends itself to more than a session description), 3) an outlined plan for the session that includes audience participation, and 4) proposed panelists. These panel sessions may take a variety of formats, such as a moderated discussion with 2-3 panelists, a debate, an examination of a topic from different perspectives, or case studies. We encourage panels that actively engage the audience and seek to include multiple perspectives, including researchers and practitioners. The Program Committee encourages panel submissions to include the presence and perspectives of individuals from diverse backgrounds, including diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, career stage, institutional affiliation, and role. New this year: Panel proposal reviews will not be blinded to allow reviewers to better evaluate the perspectives and experiences brought to the panel session.

Individual Papers
Individual papers with a similar focus will be assembled into a single session by the program committee. Usually 3-4 papers are included in a session.

Presenters in the poster session will have the option of using physical or electronic display. Presenters may upload their poster presentations to the conference website to allow pre- and post-conference viewing of materials in addition to the abstract.

“In the Pipeline” Poster Session for Work in Progress
Introduced for the Spring 2020 Conference, the SREE 2021 conference will include a new type of session: in-the-pipeline posters for work in progress. This session allows presenters to share studies that are underway but do not yet have findings to report. Studies presented in these posters may also have interim findings that are not ready for presentation in a paper. The purpose of this session is to increase the SREE community’s awareness of research projects in the pipeline, facilitate networking among researchers conducting or contemplating similar work, and provide useful feedback to the presenters that can inform their work.

In conjunction with the SREE 2021 Conference, SREE will be offering in-depth workshops on a variety of topics on Sunday, September 26, 2021. If you are interested in organizing and running one of these workshops, please submit a proposal. The proposal should include:

1. Contact name and email address;
2. Workshop Title;
3. Presenters;
4. Proposed length of time (2-5 hours);
5. Description of the session;
6. Significance of the topic; and
7. Target Audience.

Workshop proposals will be reviewed by the SREE conference committee. Applicants will be notified by July 1, 2021. Each workshop selected for inclusion in the conference is allocated a $1000 honorarium for its presenters' work in preparing and presenting the session.

These workshops provide a valuable opportunity for professional development and knowledge transfer between members of the SREE community. Proposals are due April 15, 2021.